Willow Springs Raceway is a wonderful place if you like taking on a race track at high speeds. It bills itself as the fastest track in the west, and for good reason.

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After throttling away from Turn Five, you head through a supremely fast section comprised of Six, Seven, and Eight. This leads you into the final corner, which is Turn Nine. Anyone who has turned a wheel at Willow knows that Turn Nine is that particular blend of terrifying and exciting that some live for and others hate. One Audi RS 4 owner discovered the treachery of Nine when he dropped a pair of wheels on one side and wound up rolling on the other.

Turn Nine is a corner with a rapidly decreasing radius. It is the end of higher speed section and it leads you back to the main straight. Off to the left, not terribly far from the dirt off the tarmac, sits a defiant wall that looks ready to destroy any who dare approach. You want to nail this turn so that you can fly down that straight on to your new best lap time. You don't want to mess up this turn because, at best you'll be slow and at worst... well.

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The driver of the RS 4 describes the event in the description of the YouTube video. It's a shame to see an Audi RS 4 written off. It would be more of a shame to see an Audi RS 4 not being pushed to its limits. We're glad the driver is okay, and hopefully he'll be back to tackle Turn Nine in the near future.


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