Would you be sad if you had the keys to a C7 Corvette and it was saddled with the eight-speed automatic gearbox? You shouldn't be because, by all accounts, it's a pretty slick transmission. Also, as John Hennessey proves, the auto cog-swapping coupe capable of tremendous feats of acceleration. Especially when its wearing the HPE700 Supercharged package.

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The HPE team bolts a large supercharger onto the Vette V-8, and then adds a number of additional upgrades to create serious power and speed. There are high flow cylinder heads, a new cam, engine management changes, and then some optional aero bits for good measure. The result is a Corvette that's making 610 horsepower and 557 pound-feet of torque at the wheels.

Running at the Hennessey drag strip (what an office!), the HPE700 Corvette rips off a 0-60 mile per hour run in just 2.9 seconds. The quarter mile happens in just 10.97 seconds with a trap speed of 131 miles per hour. The car is wearing drag radials, which helps explain the clean launch, but the rest is all engine.

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Out of the box, the C7 Corvette is a wonderfully engaging and enjoyable car. We'd imagine that the HPE700 version takes things up from sports car and into super car territory. There will only be 100 examples made for the model year as well. So if you have a need for super Corvette speed and find the Z06 "tame", you should ring up the mad men in Texas.


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