Toyota is working with BMW on a new sports car platform that will eventually be used by the Japanese automaker for a Supra successor, which has been previewed by the series of FT-1 concept cars. BMW has been quiet on its plans for the platform but is currently thought to be using it for a replacement for its Z4. While both cars are still a couple of years away—their respective reveals should take place before 2017—we now have some information that may hint at the price tags we can expect for them.

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Car and Driver, citing an inside source, is reporting that Toyota’s new sports car will likely cost more than a Corvette, which starts at about $55k with shipping. This would make sense if Toyota’s new sports car comes with an advanced hybrid system, as is the rumored case, but would seem rather expensive if the car ends up getting a more conventional powertrain.

This also raises the question of what kind of money BMW’s new sports car will demand. It’s very likely that the BMW will sell at a premium to the Toyota but such pricing would make the car more of a rival for the Jaguar F-Type and entry-level Porsche 911 variants than a direct replacement for the Z4, which starts at just below $50k.

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If accurate, then BMW’s new sports car is likely to be positioned higher than the current Z4, which would tie in with reports that the new car may be labeled a Z5 and feature improved performance in line with its higher positioning.

Stay tuned for an update.


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