A McLaren P1 has suffered its first crash, albeit only a minor one as this photo confirms. The crash took place at a tollbooth on a highway in Japan and saw the P1 mount one of the curbs dividing up the lanes.

No one was injured and as this photo from Japanizer (via World Car Fans) confirms the P1 only suffered some minor damage. It looks like the front bumper has been damaged, and there are likely to be some scrapes on the vehicle underbody.

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It’s not clear how the P1 ended up on the curb but one possibility is the driver stepping on the accelerator a bit too hard or perhaps even mistaking it for the brake.

Hopefully we don’t see too many accidents involving the P1 and its rivals like the Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder. Already we’ve seen a LaFerrari involved in a crash and a 918 Spyder consumed by fire.


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