The Ferrari Enzo is an amazing supercar that was produced in a limited run and named to honor the automaker's founder. Just 400 examples were created, with each packing just over 650 horsepower in the rear end by way of a 6.0-liter V-12 engine. That engine sits in a car that weighs just a hair more than a 2000 Honda Civic. Not all 400 examples are still on the road though, and now's your chance to scoop up one that is currently not quite ready to hit the street.

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A few months back, a mechanic took a client's Ferrari Enzo for a spin... and then spun it. The car hit the median pretty hard, and we hope that the owner got to hit the mechanic pretty hard (just one clean shot, nothing more). After being hauled away, the Enzo wound up in the auction lot of Crashed Toys.

This 2003 Ferrari Enzo shows just 2,215 miles on its odometer, but it's not the mileage that will have it selling for far under the going rate of an Enzo. It's the crash damage. According to the auction listing, the car has damage to the carbon fiber engine tub, one of the oil coolers, the carbon fiber rear diffuser, the passenger side door, and in a handful of other areas.

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Still, the engine appears to be okay as does the transmission. Both of those would add a massive amount to the estimated repair bill. It won't be cheap to bring this car back to glory though, as the auction house believes the cost to do that would be about $870,000. As of the time of this writing, the current bid on the car sits at $361,000.

To buy this and fix it, you're going to need to be both a lover of Ferrari vehicles and very wealthy. We kind of hope the buyer is also a bit insane and does something crazy with the car. Off-road Enzo, anyone?


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