The folks at Network A have been killing it as of late. Their videos featuring Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg are well made, funny, and feature tons of great action. It seems that Vaughn Gittin Jr, Matt Powers, and Matt Field have been paying attention to the Network A team. They're looking to get in on the video fun now as well. So they've worked with sponsor Nitto to create... a thing.

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It's called Driftadega Nights: The Ballad of Vaugn Gittin Jr, and it's very clearly a drift-themed take on Talladega Nights. That's certainly a fun movie to play with in the parody space. At least, in theory, it seems like a good idea.

Now the Driftadega clip has a few humorous moments, but overall it's a fairly lame attempt to create something funny. Why they didn't just drive their real drift cars is beyond me, as the mix of real drifting action in between the "funny" parts would've played out far better.

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We'll chalk this up to a first attempt, and hope the team gives it a second shot. There's funny to be had with this trio of drivers... it's just not with the clip above.


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