Ken Block is a man who understands many of the finer concepts of car control. His Gymkhana videos are certainly proof of that. He's not just out to capture YouTube views though, as he also strives to stand atop podiums in the Global Rallycross series.

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The GRC circuit was recently in Los Angeles, and prior to the full sessions you have to run the practice sessions. Here's what that looks like, as captured in the video above.

It looks like a pretty fun course, thanks in part to that jump but also to the combination of high and low speed turns. The course also looks just wide enough to encourage some side-by-side action while also keeping it pretty close together.

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Ken Block wound up running very well in the back-to-back Los Angeles GRC events. He placed third in the first event, and wound up in second in the next one. Those podium spots put Block in second place overall for the Driver's Championship. 


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