The amount of money and time required to produce one of the Ken Block Gymkhana videos is immense. These are not inexpensive video shoots, and they unfold over the course of a handful of days. That's before you even get into the logistical hurdles of planning, location scouting, and all the other necessary details required to pull off a blockbuster of the YouTube variety.

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Maybe you don't need to spend that might time and money, according to a video posted over at Jalopnik. You won't be able to shut down the city of San Francisco, of course, but you could possibly knock out one hell of a display of car control skills. That's exactly what one Czech rally driver managed to pull off in his video titled The Control Day.

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The car being used is a Skoda, and it sees use under the car of the Trotina Rallye team. The person behind the wheel clearly knows every inch of this car, because the level of control displayed here is extremely impressive. We're not sure we'd be thrilled with having our own vehicles sitting in the parking lot, ready to serve as barriers, but it seems that nothing was bent out of shape. 


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