The car previously known—or referred to—as the LTS will, in fact, be called the CT6, Cadillac announced today.

The news includes confirmation of a launch date, too: late 2015. The new car is intended to push the upper end of the Cadillac range higher than today’s XTS, aiming squarely for the “elite group of top-class large luxury cars.” That makes it a natural competitor for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series, and Audi A8.

The new sedan will be rear-drive oriented, says Cadillac, hinting that both RWD and AWD variants will be offered. Lightweight materials will also play a key role in an effort to maximize both driving dynamics and gas mileage.

Cadillac’s new halo sedan name also includes a plan to rename the brand’s lineup around the CT theme. According to the announcement, “Under this strategy, familiar lettering like ‘CT’ would be used for car models, with the number indicating the relative size and position of the cars in the hierarchy of Cadillac models.”

For those paying attention, the move is very similar to the move made by Infiniti in renaming its cars Q- and QX-, with model lines distinguished by incremental numbers. Those paying even closer attention will recall that the move to the new naming system was made under the leadership of Infiniti's then-boss Johan de Nysschen, who was recently named chief of Cadillac.

The new naming strategy hints at a line of up to six sedans or coupe/convertible models. Currently, Cadillac offers the ATS, ATS Coupe, CTS, and XTS in its car range. With the addition of the new CT6 at the top of the range, that makes a total of five cars, hinting at the possibility of yet another new car from Cadillac in the near future.

Cadillac says the new naming will roll out only as cars are redesigned, meaning there will be a transitional period where some cars use the CT-numbered system, and others retain their current first-letter system.

Though it's slated for a late 2015 launch, the Cadillac CT6 is expected to make its debut at the 2015 New York Auto Show. For more details on what to expect, check out these spy shots of the car in development.


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