This, friends, is the only Ferrari Enzo prototype ever sold into the hands of a private buyer, and it’s for sale. You can own this piece of history.

If you already own a whole lot of cash, that is.

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The price isn’t listed, but as a one-off prototype, and the only one ever let loose from Maranello, it’s a sure bet as a collector’s item.

Loosely based on the Ferrari 348, the rather unassuming prototype wears Enzo mechanical bits under the skin. That means a 670-horsepower V-12 engine and a host of other upgrades.

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Riveted-on flares, a below-the-radar face—this might be the only Ferrari in the world that legitimately qualifies as a sleeper.

You can find the sale, and more photos, at Germany's Modena Motorport.


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