Porsche recently confirmed that both the Boxster and Cayman would be getting new powerplants in the near future. These aren't larger units, but rather the pair would be going smaller by way of forced-induction four-cylinder engines. At first glance of that last sentence, some of you may be worried. Don't be though, because this is very good news.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the video above.

TouriClips' video reportedly shows four-cylinder-powered Boxster and Cayman mules running around the 'Ring. The sound you hear is rather delightful, as it reminds one a bit of a Subaru WRX. It should, at least, considering both vehicles are powered by horizontally opposed boxer motors.

With the level of power that automakers are able to pull from this mini mights, there's no reason to think the next Boxster or Cayman will be slow. In fact, couple the available power performance with a reduced overall curb weight (thanks to the smaller engines), and we're looking at some seriously fun canyon carvers.

The Porsche 914 and 912 might be long gone on the production timeline, but many Porsche fans remember, own, and drive these cars all the time. We think the new four-cylinder Boxster and Cayman cars will be quickly joining the ranks of the aforementioned vehicles, with open arms from the Porsche faithful.


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