Lexus has just launched a small crossover SUV in the form of the 2015 NX, but the automaker may end up launching an even smaller high-riding model to take on the new generation of compact crossovers from luxury rivals such as Audi and BMW.

The information was revealed by Lexus’ European vice president Alain Uyttenhoven, who told Autocar that the launch of a new compact crossover was not only possible but also made sense for the brand.

The Lexus exec explained that buyers in vital markets where the brand is trying to gain a foothold, such as China, Europe and Japan, are downsizing to smaller vehicles and that this was likely to see Lexus expand its lineup with smaller offerings. Uyttenhoven, however, stopped short of confirming a new compact crossover for production.

As for larger vehicles, Uyttenhoven said he sees fuel cell technology making a major impact. He explained that once fuel cells can be made for performance driving, you’ll start to see them in high-end cars such as the LS flagship sedan.

Stay tuned for an update.