Poor Infiniti. It can slap its badge on as many race-winning Formula One cars as it likes and get a multiple F1 champion to sign off a V-8-powered SUV, but it's still not blessed with a particularly exciting reputation.

Maybe its latest trick will work a little better: Dropping the 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 from a Nissan GT-R under the hood of the Q50 sedan, and sending it up the Goodwood hill climb at the upcoming Festival of Speed. After all, putting a GT-R engine in a Juke seemed to work okay for that car's image.

Infiniti has confirmed that its Q50 Eau Rouge prototype will make its moving debut at the Festival of Speed, piloted first by Red Bull Racing's Christian Horner, and test and reserve driver Sébastien Buemi. Neither Vettel nor Red Bull's current leading driver Daniel Ricciardo are confirmed as Festival attendees, but we already know the former has had a hand in testing the Eau Rouge prior to its unveiled debut.

The official line from Infiniti is that the 568-horsepower super sedan isn't confirmed for production, but insiders at the recent Beijing Auto Show seemed to suggest otherwise, hinting it would "take more to stop the car getting made than to start things". That's good news for those who like 180 mph sedans with estimated 0-60 figures around the four-second mark--and it's good news for anyone watching the Eau Rouge make its runs at the Festival later this week.

Joining the hottest Q50 at Goodwood are static examples of the Q50, Q70, QX60 and Q60 convertible, as well as test drives of some of those vehicles in the Moving Motorshow. Red Bull and Infiniti will also host question and answer sessions with Horner and Buemi, while Infiniti Red Bull Racing's official DJ, DJ Erok, will be there pumping out the sort of eardrum-bursting techno Red Bull plays in the garage after race victories. All of the above will take place from June 26 through 29.


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