Motorsport exists in a massively wide range of styles. Some prefer the sweet science of Formula 1, while others like the dusty, dirty circle tracks that exist scattered around the Southern U.S. No matter what type of car or course you like, there exists something for everyone. Today, however, I've just figured out what my new favorite racing series is... with apologies to Australian V8 Supercars, of course.

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BangShift posted a video highlighting a race consisting of stock hatchbacks that have been caged and gutted. It's part of a series called the 750 Motor Club, and the video uploaded shows some highlights from the first race of the season. This is lap one of race one... and it's amazing.

This is almost like a scaled down version of British Touring Cars. What makes it even more enjoyable, aside from the fender on fender racing action, is the fact that the cars are extremely approachable from a cost standpoint. These are little hotted up hatches that have been given the safety once over and then sent out on the track.

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It's like a stock version of LeMons minus the pageantry that comes with the themes. If this class of racing doesn't yet exist here in the States, we need to create it. If it does exist... I need to find the next race and, um, borrow someones hatchback.  


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