If you're sitting at work right now thinking about the fact that you never got a chance to be that race car driver you always dreamed you could be, I have news for you. There exists a racing series out there that will allow you to go wheel to wheel against others thinking the very same thoughts. It's called the 24 Hours of LeMons, and it's a glorious spectacle to behold, but the experience is far greater if you actually participate. I've done it three times myself, and I'm sitting here wondering why that number isn't thirty.

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The good folks at GoPro decided to sample this fine form of motor car racing for themselves recently. As you might expect from a company that makes small cameras, they brought a few of their wares along for the ride.

The resulting video is a quick crash course (pun very much intended) into the world of LeMons. There are many more elements to discover on your own, of course, but this should be enough to get you salivating for seat time. If you do decide to get up and satiate your racing needs, just know you're in for something special, and you should consult the LeMons forums for any questions that pop up. It's a dedicated and friendly group over there, so stop in and say hi.

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Two warnings about the video before you hit play:

1. The music is cranked to BRO-OUT PARTY TIME levels of loud.

2. You're going to start scanning Craigslist for $500 cars after you watch it. 


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