On the tree of forbidden automotive fruit, there sits an unassuming vehicle fitted with a long roof. It's a wagon. More specifically it's an Audi wagon, which the German automaker prefers to call an Avant. If you look at the badge on the rear of the car, you'll see that it reads "RS6". That's your clue that this five-door vehicle is so much more than "just a wagon".

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It's a vehicle that's not sold here in the United States. If you want one, you'll have to get it shipped here the good 'ole grey market way. That's just what Paul Walker did a few years back, when he purchased a 2003 Audi RS6 Avant. Mr. Walker was a lover of all things automotive before his untimely death last year. His car collection is impressive, but this one didn't last long with his name attached to the title.

Walker drove the car for a few years before blowing the engine. The motor was replaced, the car was sold, and now the second owner is looking to move the four-ringed sleeper beast on to a new home. It's listed for sale on eBay, with the current bid (as of the time of this writing) sitting at a tick over $58,000. The reserve has not been met, and there are still three days left on the auction clock.

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It's a unique change to own a vehicle that rarely steps tire inside our borders. In fact, there may be just three or so examples in the entire country at this moment. Additionally, this one has an interesting back story since it was owned by Mr. Fast and Furious himself. Is it worth the more than $60k the seller is asking? That's a tough call with nearly 100,000 miles on the clock, but the real answer is that it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. 


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