Here in the States, when we hear the term Pro Street we have visions of nearly cartoonish Camaro and Mustang examples lining up for a trip down the quarter mile. We say cartoonish, and we mean that in the best sense possible. The horsepower numbers are off the charts and the skin of the cars has been stretched to cover the massive bits of rubber required to propel the cars down the drag strip. In England, there's a group that is looking at the drag world a bit differently.

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The team is called Webster Race Engineering, and they've built themselves a 2,000-horsepower, big block-powered... Bentley Continental GT.

Underneath the skin of the British-born beast, a full tubular chassis helps keep the car from buckling from all the power on tap. The car will run in the Street Eliminator class, and rumor has it that we're looking at a six-second car. That's a bit quicker than the standard Continental GT. It's also a wonderful twist on a purpose-built race car, and we're glad to see someone truly having fun out there.

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Check out the video to hear the car in action, and also head over to the Webster Race Engineering Facebook page to take in more of the Bentley and to see some of their other builds.



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