Driving a car you can't see out of is not recommended. But put stunt driver Rhys Millen behind the wheel and give him the latest safety systems, and it's certainly feasible.

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That's what Hyundai has done to demonstrate the latest high-tech safety features on the 2015 Genesis sedan. There was a time when backup cameras, radar detection and other electronic gizmos were the sole preserve of high-end luxury vehicles, but fast-forward to the present day and virtually every company offers at least one high-end feature across its lineup. The Genesis is laden with several, including backup cameras, lane assist, automatic emergency braking, cross-vehicle detection and more.

Watch the videos and it's clear there's a great deal more theater than there is danger to Hyundai's stunts, even if the swinging shipping containers used to demonstrate the reversing camera and side vehicle detection weigh 5,000 lbs a piece. It does however demonstrate that such systems work--though one might argue that paying attention in a regular vehicle, like the old Honda Accord coupe which meets its end in the container video, would be equally safe...

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The other videos show the car's lane-keeping abilities--Millen painlessly navigating his way between two lanes of military-grade tire spikes--and the automatic braking system. The latter is found on many cars these days, and the blind test shows just how effective they can be. Even if you can see clearly through every window, it's nice to know the car can cover for those scenarios where you might be distracted, or get caught out by rapidly-slowing traffic on the highway.


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