It appears that someone may have just made a costly mistake.

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According to a report by Jalopnik, Ferrari will fine any outlet or journalist $70,000 for breaking an embargo date. This news comes as we are on the precipice of stories hitting the Internet that talk all about the all-new LaFerrari hypercar.

Now it seems that one outlet has jumped the gun. A driving video of the car has been posted by Sport Auto. The video in question shows some driving action, and a few exterior design highlights of Maranello's latest. There is no actual review to speak of, since there is no talking.

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This video could serve as a teaser for an actual review video that's coming up after the embargo restriction lifts. It will be interesting to see if Ferrari gets a bit ticked off with Sport Auto, or lets this one slide since the outlet is merely posting a rather well-done clip of the car doing stuff that it's intended to do.

Either that, or it's time to get the lawyers out of cold storage.


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