The 2015 BMW M3, known internally as the F80, isn't supposed to reach retail customers for several months yet. The very first introduction drives for the press aren't even complete yet. But one lucky (and we're guessing influential) buyer in Abu Dhabi has managed to secure his car early.

It's an unlikely story--we wouldn't expect BMW to be in full production this far out from the car's retail launch--but one that's apparently true. The photos and videos that accompany the owner's impressions in his forum post at Bimmerpost clearly show the car being picked up at a BMW dealership, then driven on the road.

Among the most valuable tidbits in the report and what we can glean from the videos is that the sounds that come from the car are pleasing, especially the engine and exhaust notes in the cabin. The owner explains in his post, "The sound is just amazing compared to the clips online. That really scared me. I thought that it would sound crap but am really impressed. This sounds like No other engine. I LOVE it."

Stay tuned for first drive impressions this summer, but in the meantime, envy this lucky new BMW owner.