It would be an amazing experience to run a Pirelli World Challenge car at Long Beach. Heck, we'd be down to run a street car around Long Beach (and your author was fortunate enough to do that, once before). Still, a race car on a city circuit is a wild adventure packed into cozy confines.

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Long Beach is a famous circuit because it yields good racing that's enjoyed by a crowd that's into every second of the action. Driver Mike Skeen recently uploaded a clip that allows you to ride along with him as he does battle during the recent race. Skeen raced hard to a sixth place finish, which is mighty impressive given the drivers sitting just ahead of him.

The Cadillac one-two from Johnny O'Connell and Andy Pilgrim serve as retribution for what happened last year, and the R. Ferri Ferrari 458 Italia sat a safe distance off of the heels of the CTS-V Coupes.

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Just off the podium though, is where an Audi showdown took place between three vehicles. It's a great match-up, and you can watch it unfold in the nearly race-length video above. 


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