Nissan has had great success with its GT-R revival and will soon be launching a new version of its giant-killing sports car. The success has spurred Acura to launch a new generation of its NSX and Toyota to bring back the Supra, and soon we may be able to add Mitsubishi to that list.

It’s recently been reported that Mitsubishi will be culling its Lancer Evolution X by the end of this year, and that a successor may be several years away still. Now a report is claiming that the successor may not be a sporty sedan but a 2+2 sports car, a potential successor to the automaker's 3000GT (GTO in other markets) of the 1990s.

“It's possible it could be a high performance coupe--smaller rather than bigger than current Evo,” Lance Bradley, Mitsubishi’s chief in the U.K., told Auto Express when asked about the Evo’s future. “Therefore a 2+2 coupe would be a sensible body choice.”

The original 3000GT featured advanced technologies for its time, such as active aero, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, and Mitsubishi’s new car could potentially continue this spirit with advanced hybrid technology. This ties in with a previous report that said the Evo’s replacement would be a 500-horsepower GT-R rival.

Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV is already fitted with an all-wheel-drive system that consists of an electric motor on each axle, with a gasoline engine included only for high-load situations or for charging the batteries when their juice is low. Such a system could easily be tuned for performance driving as the system in the Outlander PHEV has already been integrated with Mitsubishi’s well-proven S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) vehicle dynamics control system.

The only problem is that Acura will offer a similar setup in its new NSX when it lands next year, and Nissan and Toyota are expected to offer similar hybrid tech in their future GT-R and Supra models in the next year or two. Mitsubishi will have to hurry up if it doesn't want to be late to the party.


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