One has to wonder what people did in their spare time before car configuration sites hit the Internet. McLaren has just launched its own for the new 650S Coupe and 650S Spider, and while not as varied as some online configurators there's plenty of fun to be had creating a car that you'll probably never own.

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McLaren is heavily pushing the social media side of the car, urging configurator users to post their finished product--and their choice of background location--across its social media channels, with the hashtag #mymclaren. As well as McLaren's online configurator there's also a tablet application available that concentrates on the 650S Spider, available for both Apple and Android users. Both configuration channels allow you to select between different paint shades, wheel designs and accessory options--including a long and tempting list of carbon fiber components that are hard to resist installing on your virtual car.

Background options on the app include Times Square in New York at night, Monaco’s marina around which the Grand Prix is held, Shanghai city center at dusk, and even an option for the user to photograph their own driveway and place the virtual McLaren on it. Of course, McLaren is probably hoping a few prospective owners use the site too, and to that end it's a useful resource letting customers spec their ideal car before downloading the data and bringing it along to their nearest McLaren dealership.

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The real-life 650S is expected to prove so popular that McLaren has paused production of the 12C to help meet 650S demand. It's likely the 650S will take the bulk of future sales, given its improved styling and performance and low expected price rise, and while McLaren hasn't ruled out 12C orders there's a chance the 650S could end up replacing the 12C altogether.

Click here to access the configurator.


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