The Drift Garage series continues to roll forward, and in this episode the car is quite literally moving forward. Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck get new components installed, which means the car is ready for a short shakedown run at a local track. The components include new suspension, a Recaro seat, and the rest of the turbo bits. After that, the car is given a quick tune and sent over to the dyno.

This 240SX now boasts an output of nearly 300 horsepower. It's got a welded differential, some safety gear, and a driver ready to thrash it about. That driver moonlights as Professor M. Issile, but this time around he's simply a tattoo-loving, beard aficionado who favors power stances. It's a quick trip to the track  to make sure everything is working correctly, and it appears that this is the case.

The next episode will focus on improving the car further. This means more steering angle, buttoning up of the exterior, and probably more shenanigans and high jinks. It's fun to type out shenanigans and high jinks, and this world needs more of that. Drift Garage provides that, and we wish the series would last far longer than this short run which is almost over.

Don't cry for the show when it's gone... smile because it happened. 


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