In the first installment of Network A's Drift Garage, Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg is on a quest to build a missile.

It's not quite what it seems, though.

While a "missile car" might sound pretty cool, it's actually drift-speak for a beat-up clunker drivers build for times when they want to have fun, but don't want to risk destroying the pristine cars they've already put a lot of work into.

Consequently, a proper missile car doesn't look like much, and really isn't. It has just enough power to get the job done, but the modifications are kept to a minimum to preserve the budget (which was $5,000 for this build) and body damage is worn like a badge of honor.

They say "rubbin' is racin'," and that's especially true of drifting. With cars sliding around in close proximity to each other and various unyielding objects, it's only a matter of time until a racer loses some paint. Sometimes, even professional drivers need to do what they do without worrying about damaging their cars.

In this video, Forsberg finds the perfect specimen: an S13-chassis Nissan 240SX with plenty of crumpled sheetmetal and a blown engine. Watch as he turns it into one of the ugliest drift cars ever to smoke a tire.

The car will be finished over the next three episodes of Drift Garage, set to be released through the end of the month.


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