Ryan Tuerck is a master of getting a car sideways and keeping it there. His pal Chris Forsberg is equally amazing at the art of controlled oversteer. The two work together on Ryan's web series Tuerck'd, and the clips they put up on YouTube are worth every view they get. Occasionally, however, there are things that don't quite turn out as planned. Thankfully for us Ryan and Chris decided to share one of their failed experiments.

Let's take a look at the Slide Ride Fail.

Essentially, Tuerck was trying to replicate the part of drifting where drivers get the tail ends of their cars to scrape the walls of the course--but with a twist. To do this, the crew attached metal barriers to the side of a Crown Victoria and created a moving target. Ryan drove the Crown Vic and Chris took to the drifting. There were multiple close attempts, but the team decided to give it another shot.

That's when the fail happened.

Check out the video and take in the fun watch that is the Slide Ride Fail.


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