If you've been out on the roads this winter, chances are you've seen some pretty stupid low-grip maneuvers. Don't you wish there were a safe environment where normal people could learn how to control their cars on snow and ice? There is such a place. It's at Road America.

Fortunately for those of us a bit more versed in the fine arts of driving, you can also go to the Road America winter autocross to show off your skills in your favorite boost buggy--or just hoon it up with whatever salt-laden rustbucket you use as a winter beater.

Unlike normal autocross, which appeals most directly to a hardcore cross-section of automotive nerds (your author included), snow autocross appears to have a much broader appeal, if the anchors of this Fox 6 Now news team are any indication.

At least until they find out they're going to have to spend four of their six hours chasing cones in the snow.


Yes, the video embed is scrunched up all weird. Just make it full screen or click through to the source to see it normally.