Burnouts are simple, and even kind of stupid, but they're something everyone with engine oil in their veins can appreciate, from the tuner crowd to the rural drag strip, from F1 to NASCAR. They're part of what we do.

But burnouts are fleeting, ephemeral episodes; experiences, not objects. Until now, that is. AMG wants to help you capture your burnout and turn it into something you can use every day.

How does it work? You take a couple of pieces of future bag leather, tape them to the ground, then do a rolling burnout right over them. The resulting artwork is then sewn right into a bag of your choosing. Each piece is custom and handmade, capturing your unique burnout for eternity--or however long the bag lasts, anyway.

So what's the catch? It's part of the Mercedes-AMG Driving Academy's partnership with Destroy vs. Beauty. Fortunately, there's a loophole of sorts: you can order bags with burnouts already on them straight from Destroy vs. Beauty. But if you want your own, you'll have to sign up for the AMG academy.