UPDATE: The video originally cited has been removed by the provider due to personal threats against the owner. We've redacted our story to remove his identity as well.

There are only three Lamborghini Venenos that will ever reach private hands--Lamborghini is hanging onto the fourth example of the 740-horspeower, 220-mph hypercar for its own purposes. So what you’re about to see is a very rare sight: the delivery of a fresh Veneno to its lucky owner.

Filmed by duPont Registry, the event is rather less dramatic than you might think, with Veneno #2 arriving at the owner's home on a flatbed truck. After that, however, the passion and desire behind the owner’s $4,106,000 purchase becomes clear.

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It’s well worth the watch, if only to learn how the owner was able to buy the ultra-exclusive Veneno, and why the only customization the owner did with the car was to select green trim (from a palette of white, red, or green).

You might be wondering: What’s the first thing the owner did with the car after delivery? He drove it to a restaurant for dinner and parked it right up front.



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