Do you like winter sports, but don't think the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are exciting enough? Red Bull has an event for you. The energy drink and motorsport conglomerate recently hosted its Frozen Rush event at the the Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine. Only instead of skis, the athletes took to the snow in 900-horsepower Pro4 race trucks.

Built for the TORC and Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing series, these trucks can normally be found racing on short off-road courses in decidedly warmer weather, but Red Bull loves to do zany things with high-performance machines. To make things even more interesting, there were a few jumps for spectacular airborne moments, and snow walls to crash into.

It's definitely strange to see trucks that are normally caked in mud and sand flinging snow around as they wail at high rpm. It's also a blast to watch.

The event was run single-elimination style, with eight drivers taking to the track two at a time. Each race consisted of two laps, with drivers alternating between "red" and "blue" courses. Former TORC Pro4 champion Ricky Johnson took home first place.

Even with 20-inch studded tires and all-wheel drive, the trucks spend plenty of time sliding around. At least when they're not airborne, that is.

The International Olympic Committee should really consider making ski-slope racing into a new event. After all, it's so much louder than regular skiing.


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