The current Porsche 911 Turbo S is one hell of a machine. It utilizes its 3.8-liter boxer six-cylinder engine, which produces 560 horsepower, to make the 0-60 mile per hour dash in just 2.9 seconds. Keep that throttle pushed to the floor and, with enough room, you'll hit 198 mph.

Those figures put the latest Turbo S ahead of the 997 GT2 in the power and performance department (the 997 GT2 RS still has the edge, however). Seems like it would be tough to top the Turbo S, especially when you consider that a new GT2 would typically run as a rear-wheel-drive machine. So has the GT2 evolved as much as it can?

Perhaps, according to a report by Car and Driver.

It seems that a bit of internal Porsche politics could be keeping the next GT2 at bay. The automaker knows it needs to be more of a beast than the Turbo S, but that's a vehicle that has the advantage of all-wheel-drive to get its power to the ground. Then, of course, there's also the rumored Ferrari 458 and McLaren 12C rival that could potentially fill the spot that's traditionally been the domain of the GT2 at the Porsche camp.

Still, Porsche could be pulling your leg a bit here because a GT2 is a natural step in the 911 performance ladder. It wouldn't be to crazy to find that a bit of the tech found in the 918 supercar makes its way into the GT2. After all, we've seen spy shots of a GT2 test car roaming around.

Don't start fretting about the end of the GT2 line just yet. Instead, stay tuned for news of the latest iteration of one of the wildest 911 variants on the planet.


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