The Price Is Right seems like it would be a fun show to attend. It would be more fun, of course, to be picked and even better to wind up on stage alongside host Drew Carey. Sure, you might not be playing for the most desirable prizes, but then again... maybe you might.

Such was the case for Sheree Heil of Tacoma, Washington when she found herself staring down the beautiful black paint of a brand new Audi R8 Spyder.

Now, we'd of course prefer to see the V10 up on stage. We wouldn't look a game show gift horse in the mouth, however, and wouldn't be sad at the prospect of winning a $157,000 Audi exotic.

Sheree seemed quite excited, but even more so when she actually won the dang thing. That's right... she played the game, and is now the owner of a brand-new R8.

Still, there's always a bit to think about when winning a prize of this size. Most importantly will be just how Sheree plans to pay for the taxes and fees associated with an Audi R8. It won't be cheap, but it could be worth it. Pay those fees, drive the car for a few thousand miles, and then flip it for a nice luxury sedan and a larger bank account.

Either way, Sheree Heil gets to play Audi R8 owner for awhile, and that's pretty cool.


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