Just a day after Lamborghini announced that production of its Gallardo had come to end, the Italian automaker has started teasing a replacement. We’ve known that a replacement for the Gallardo was coming soon, thanks to numerous prototype sightings, but this is the first official recognition that a new Lamborghini supercar is brewing.

A new website has been launched with the inscription “Discover the roar of the new creature from Lamborghini.”

Beneath the inscription is an engine starter button similar to that fitted to the Aventador, which you can press using a mouse click. This unleashes the sound of what’s likely to be the Gallardo replacement, a new supercar everyone is calling the “Cabrera”.

Another inscription, “That will be just the beginning”, suggests that more teasers will be coming.

Designed to fill the entry-level slot in Lamborghini's lineup, at least until a planned SUV arrives, the Cabrera will be an evolution of the Gallardo, made more hardcore in almost every way. It is expected to sport an updated version of the Gallardo’s 5.2-liter V-10, with output increased to about 600 horsepower, indicating a likely tag of LP 600-4 appended to its name.

Its chassis is to be shared with a second-generation Audi R8, due approximately one year after the Cabrera’s launch in late 2014. For more on the Cabrera, check out our previous spy shots report.


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