A Pagani is a rare bird. Even in the rarified air of the supercar set, any Pagani sighting is on par with catching a glimpse of a living, breathing unicorn. See a Lamborghini Aventador pass by? That's cool. Was that a McLaren 12C that just rushed past? Neat.

If your eyes have spotted a Zonda or Huayra, however, you might as well rush off to the local shop for some lottery tickets. Unless of course your name is Peter Read and you're a member of the Goodwood Road and Racing club, in which case you own a Pagani.

Actually... you own two of them.

Mr. Read was kind enough to bring both of his Pagani cars out to Goodwood recently, where he took his Zonda and his Huayra around the circuit. In light rain, no less. Although, to be fair, that's essentially a sunny day in his neck of the woods. Peter Read owns both the Zonda and the Huayra, and he doesn't keep them locked away where prying eyes can't enjoy them. In fact, Read occasionally pops in his Zonda and heads off to the store.

It's a rare chance to get the perspective of someone who owns multiple supercars. Rarer still is the chance to hear from a man who owns more than one Pagani. It's clear he's passionate about the brand, and it's great to see him exercising his machines in the manner in which Horacio intended.


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