If you had access to a seemingly endless stable of high-dollar exotics and supercars, what would you do with them? Would you drive them around carefully? Perhaps you'd take one out on special occasions, and then quickly pop it back into the garage for an expensive detail and cleaning session.

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Maybe, however, you might be the type of person who would enjoy their cars in the manner in which they should be enjoyed. You might even be the sort of person who pushes these cars harder than that.

The folks behind TaxTheRich are those sort of people. They've treated us to videos of all manner of machinery being driven, and being driven hard. From a Rolls-Royce Phantom drifting across the English countryside to a Ferrari 288 GTO turned into a special stage rally racer, the TaxTheRich YouTube channel never disappoints.

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The latest clip combines slow motion moves, a Ferrari Enzo, and a dubstep soundtrack. Now, we're not one to push dubstep upon anyone but the music certainly works well for the shots of the Enzo. The energy level is perfect, the angles are wonderful, and the car is doing stuff that Mr. Ferrari himself would probably cringe about were he able to witness it.


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