Have you been stalking us on social media again? Because that'd be just super. Since we are sure that you pretty much are stalking us, that means this quick recap of the week will be old news to you:

We spent some time in the new 2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport this week with its new twin-turbo V-6 engine rated at 410 horsepower. Yes, it's all-wheel drive, but it's still a transversely mounted engine on a front-wheel drive platform. Whether it's the right car for Cadillac is debatable, but it is a nice car. We also tamed a snake this week, as in the new 2014 SRT Viper TA. Boy does it slither. Those of you who are excited about the new 2015 Audi S3 should be, and we published our first driving impressions telling you why.

W Motors unveiled its second super car the Lykan Supersport, and no, it hasn't even produced a Lykan Hypersport yet. But hey, let's not knock the company's ambition. Also in the crazy department is the 5,000-horsepower Devel Sixteen supercar developer telling us how unique his car is--oh, and how it'll break all records.

While Ken Block did wow some of us with his Gymkhana 6 video this week, it was Tax the Rich and their Ferrari 288 GTO Group B Spec video that really knocked our socks off.

As we head into the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show some vehicles have been revealed such as the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Final Edition, 2015 Subaru Legacy Concept, 2014 Chrysler 300S, and 2015 Lincoln MKC.

If somehow all of this is news to you, then you're obviously not following us on social media. Luckily for you, you can catch up next week by keeping an eye on our Instagram feed for newly-posted photos, refresh the Motor Authority Facebook fan page, and chat with us on Twitter--and see what you didn't see here via #Storify.