The redesigned 2014 BMW M3 is so close, we can literally hear it.

BMW has teased the car's sound in an official video, but this clip of a camouflaged prototype provides a hint at what the car will sound like in the wild. Parking garages really are the best places to listen to exhaust notes.

The M3 sounds much louder and more raw than it did in the teaser video, surprisingly so for a car built in 2013. Granted, it's unclear what stage of development this particular car was at; some refinements may have been made to the exhaust for production models. There's also the issue of the quality of the recording.

Judging by the sounds the car makes as it maneuvers out of the garage, it also appears to have a manual transmission. Whether the M3 and (M4 coupe) will be offered with a manual, or exclusively with an M DCT dual-clutch transmission has been one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the redesign. It seems likely that both transmissions will be offered.

What will be making all of that noise isn't much of a mystery. The consensus is that the M3 and M4 will be powered by a turbocharged inline-six, producing an estimated 430 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. VIN information uncovered on the web indicates that it will displace 3.0-liters, and will be coded S55.

Both versions of the car will also benefit from lighter chassis, and plenty of technology. An adjustable electric power steering system, Active M Differential, and Adaptive M suspension are all on the menu.

The 2014 BMW M3 sedan and M4 coupe will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January. In the meantime, check out more specs here.


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