Getting into motorsports at a professional level these days requires about a decade of experience--before you turn 18. This young woman, Aurora Straus, appears to be well on her way. In this video, you can see her turning an impressive lap in a Radical SR3. And she's just 15 years old.

The course is the very fun but also quite tricky Monticello Motor Club circuit about an hour and a half outside of New York City. The video, via Road & Track, shows Straus following another Radical, driven by club pro Corey Lewis, in a rather fast-paced practice session.

As she runs the circuit, maintaining a respectful distance from the car in front and a nearly flawless racing line (not to mention some very smooth hands), the 15-year-old runs the car to nearly 10,000 rpm and passes 100 mph like it's child's play. Because, in this case, it is.

Straus isn't just some lucky little rich girl pretending at race driving, either. She also races a Spec Miata and a Boxster.

Yes, we're a touch jealous, but we're also really impressed. Keep it up, Aurora.