There's a lot to be excited about when it comes to the new Ferrari 458 Speciale. It is, after all, an even better version of the already life-changingly good 458 Italia. This video shows its strengths to great effect.

Of course, even the best video can't convey the emotional depth of the experience of actually driving a 458 of any stripe, but this video gets close. It looks like a bunch of artfully crafted scenery and selected highlights. But that's pretty much what it looks like inside your head when you're actually driving one.

If this video just whets your appetite for more 458 Speciale, we've got you covered: The full details on the 2,843-pound, 597-horsepower special are here; a handful of videos describing the technology and design are here; and you can see the car's live unveiling and photos at last week's Frankfurt auto show here.