The 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet is a highly focused vehicle whose main goal is to run for a quarter-mile at a time as fast as possible. It's very good at doing this. That's because Ford fitted the car with a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine, a T4 racing gearbox, a roll cage, special drag wheels and slicks, lightweight brakes, and a 9-inch rear end. It's set up specifically to launch itself down a 1320-foot strip.

This specific car is the automaker's own prototype, built for the 2014 model year. It can be your own prototype, however, if you've got a bunch of cash that you're willing to part with.

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Ford is sending the Cobra Jet to Las Vegas to cross the Barrett-Jackson auction block. It will be a no-reserve auction, and the proceeds will go to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The winning bidder will get more than just the car and a wonderful feeling of donating to support a great charity. There will be a tour of the Ford Product Development Center with a backstage pass into the Ford Design Center.

The automaker will also produce a book and video documentary of the experience, and there will be video of the car being built as well as its trip across the Barrett-Jackson stage. More importantly though, Ford is including drag racing training at the Roy Hill Drag Racing School in Sophia, North Carolina. This means the buyer will learn the skills necessary to run this Cobra Jet down the dragstrip.

That will certainly be vital information. This is not a car you can just hop into expecting to rip off safe and fast times behind the wheel; it's a supercharged beast. Since this is a charity auction, we expect the final hammer price could be exceptionally high. That's a great thing considering where the money is going.


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