Ryan Tuerck, for those of you who don't know, is a Formula Drift driver who is top-tier wheelman when it comes to the land of vast oversteer. He also happens to be a guy who likes to have fun, lots and lots of fun. He has a YouTube channel that showcases much of this fun, and a past video saw him try out a new invention he calls the Slide Ride. It's essentially a Ford Crown Victoria with a pair of large highway guardrails attached on either side. The idea behind the creation is to have a mobile drift target. The first go around didn't prove too successful.

Tuerck is back, however, and he's brought even more friends to join in on the mobile target drifting fun.

Ryan is joined by Vaughn Gittin Jr, Tony Angelo, and Tuerck's bro-for-life Chris Forsberg. The Drift Alliance crew takes to the track, and soon begin attacking the Slide Ride. It's a far more successful adventure this time around, and there's only a minor fender bender (or two).

The action unfolds at New Jersey's Raceway Park, and Ryan enlists his brother Evan to pilot the Slide Ride. Another car that we're actually more interested in makes an appearance. It's Tony Angelo's Lexus SC drift car. We need to find out more about this car, because if it's one of the original manual-equipped machines it's actually a bit rare. We're going to assume it's just a standard SC that saw a more proper drift powertrain swapped in. Additionally, we're big fans of Gittin's Fox Body Mustang drift mobile. That's a perfect platform for the sport, but it rarely seems to make an appearance.


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