If you're a fan of visually unappealing yet wildly potent automobiles, the Gumpert Apollo is probably your desktop background right now.

Founded in 2004 by ex-Audi Sport director Roland Gumpert, this manufacturer is best known for production of the Apollo. A rather unique machine, the Apollo is offered up in a variety of horsepower flavors that range from around 650 horsepower for the "entry-level" model up to near 800 horsepower for the Apollo Enraged. Despite the power and performance Gumpert has had a hard time keeping the company afloat, and now it seems as if the final nail has been hammered into the coffin.

Back in 2012, Gumpert declared insolvency. A new investor was secured, however, and it appeared that Gumpert would soldier on to produce new models and more Apollo supercars. That's apparently not the case. Today Gumpert has announced that the investor has cancelled even after agreeing on a purchase price. This means that the automaker is forced once again to declare insolvency. It's always a shame to see a supercar producer wind up heading to the automaker scrapyard, but it's certainly a common occurrence as well.

Earlier in 2013, German car maker Weismann declared insolvency. Another German sports car builder Artega went the same route back in 2012. Now those two are joined by Gumpert. It doesn't matter if your car once graced the top of the Top Gear lap time leader board if people aren't buying your potent machines. The Apollo isn't even as ugly as many would have you believe. It's a car that looks purpose-built to annihilate race tracks, and that's exactly what Roland Gumpert originally envisioned.

Now it's time for Audi to step in and buy some of the tooling. Audi R9 anyone?


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