The founder of tuning firm A. Kahn Design, Afzal Kahn, has rejected a £6 million (approximately $9.35 million) offer for his prized "F1" number plate. Kahn originally acquired the 109-year-old British plate in 2008 for only £440,000 ($685,700), which remains a record for the United Kingdom and at the time was considered a staggering amount to be paid for something many would consider quite a trivial item.

However, since then we’ve seen license plates sell for much more, including the "1" license plate from Abu Dhabi which in 2008 sold for an incredible $14.5 million. Similar single digit plates have also sold for millions of dollars in other countries during the past several years.

A spokesman for A. Kahn Design told the Daily Mail that Kahn did receive a significant multimillion-pound offer for the F1 plate which he ended up rejecting. The spokesman added that Kahn had no intention of selling the plate since it is his favorite.

Other plates owned by the British businessman include "4HRH" and "NO1."

The F1 license plate is currently affixed to a Bugatti Veyron owned by Kahn (not the example pictured above).