The personalized number plate ‘F1’ has been sold for a whopping $740,000 in the U.K. to the man behind one of our favorite tuners, A. Kahn Design. New owner Afzal Kahn is said to be saving the number plate for a McLaren Mercedes SLR supercar like the one pictured here, which is actually modified by his own tuning company. However, other reports claim it will be used on a Range Rover SUV.

The number plate was first registered more than 104 years ago and its previous owner was the Essex County Council, which used it on a humble Volvo S80 company car. The council will now be using all proceeds from the sale to start a driver training program for young boys, reports The Daily Mail.

This latest record may not last long, however, because UK’s oldest number plate, ‘A1,’ will be auctioned off in the near future and it’s tipped to reach an even higher figure.


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