The German capital Berlin has emerged as the tenth and final race location for the inaugural season of Formula E, the world’s first sanctioned racing format for electric cars. The first Formula E race will take place in September, 2014, with the season running through the winter and ending in June the following year in order to avoid clashes with more established forms of motorsport.

In addition to the race in Berlin, Formula E will hold races in Bangkok, Beijing, Buenos Aires, London, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Putrajaya (Malaysia) and Rio de Janeiro.

Ten teams with two drivers each will participate in the races, known as “Electrics Prix,” which last almost an hour and feature Formula-style race cars capable of reaching speeds of more than 135 mph on zero emissions. The projected run time for the cars is just 25 minutes, so to meet the expected hour race length each driver will have two cars.

Each of the races will take place in a single day, including qualifying and the actual race.

Organizers of Formula E have managed to draw in some of the biggest names in motorsport. Already the likes of Dallara, McLaren, Renault, Michelin and Tag Heuer have signed up as sponsors or suppliers and now there is a report that a current IndyCar team will be one of the competing teams in the new race series.

According to Autoweek, Formula E’s 2.5 million euro (approximately $3.3 million) budget cap for teams has lured a major IndyCar team, which will be revealed by the end of summer. Only 10 teams will be competing in the inaugural Formula E season but organizers say 18 teams have already confirmed their interest for future seasons. For the inaugural season, each of the teams will be using a common chassis supplied by Dallara, 300-horsepower electric motors from McLaren and electric control technology from Renault.


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