Always wanted your name on the side of a racecar? Now you have that chance... sort of.

Lexus is offering a unique way for fans to get involved with its Pikes Peak program this year, and it involves its Lexus IS F CCS-R racer and social media.

The automaker has partnered up with the Tony Hawk Foundation and the two are turning to the Internet to get fans excited about the race and the orange and black car with which they'll be racing.

Starting on June 3 and running through June 20, Lexus wants its fans to let the automaker know their names--either by responding to a Facebook post, commenting on a YouTube video or shouting at Lexus via Twitter and Instagram.

Leaving your name will give you a chance to be one of the 14,000 names integrated into a decal that will be placed on the car. The hashtag for all of this is #Lexus14k, and if you want to get your name on a race car you better start sending it to Lexus by way of one of the mediums mentioned above.

The car will be showcased at the annual pre-race Fan Fest before attacking the mountain. Driver Ken Gushi is back at the helm to give it another shot in the Exhibition Class. Racing action starts on June 30, 2013.


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