The sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvette is currently making way for the new 2014 seventh-generation car. Still, it seems the C6 isn't ready to give up the spotlight just yet.

According to Autoweek, NHTSA is currently taking a closer look at C6 Corvettes. More specifically, the organization is interested in a potential problem with the headlights.

At least 30 owners have reported a pretty serious issue where the low beams will intermittently shut off. That makes driving at night a tad difficult, and could lead to an accident or worse.

Thankfully that hasn't happened yet. The investigation is focused on model years 2005-2007 and includes the Z06 models as well. This headlight issue could affect 103,000 Corvettes.

No, Corvette owners, the quick fix is not to simply drive around with your high beams on either. Stay tuned to the NHTSA investigation for answers, and be careful when venturing out in your 'Vette at night.


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