Getting started in motorsports is tough. It's not like you can just go out and buy some basic equipment or join a team and get going. Or is it?

Professional racing is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Even among those fortunate enough to go racing professionally, few actually make any real money at it--for them, it's a labor of love.

So why not get to the same place (or somewhere very close) without the time and money investment? That's where SCCA autocross and Pro Solo competition come in.

Like autocross, Pro Solo competition involves navigating a course made of traffic cones (pylons) against the clock. But Pro Solo adds an extra wrinkle: heads-up competition with a start from a drag race-style "Christmas tree" light. Best of all: all you need to do it is a valid driver's license and a safe car.

This video, filmed at the SCCA Pro Solo in Mineral Wells, Texas, captures the essence of a Pro Solo event, with beautiful scenes of some of the best-handling cars you'll find anywhere.

If you want to check out SCCA Pro Solo competition for yourself, visit the official site here.