A few years ago Audi appeared gung-ho about launching a new mid-engine sports car positioned between its TT and R8, and based on a platform to be shared with Volkswagen and possibly even Porsche.

After a couple of concepts and plenty of rumors, news of the new sports car, which was tipped to be called the R4, went dead.

Fast forward to today, and talk of a new mid-engine sports car from Audi is once again making headlines.

Speaking with Autocar, Audi R&D boss Wolfgang Dürheimer revealed that a Porsche Boxster-sized sports car had been in “design, packaging and evaluation” phases but was not a major priority.

He went on to reveal that developing a new sports car with sufficient technology but with a pricetag between that of the TT and R8 would be difficult.

“We would want to bring technology to the segment, but getting the volume and pricing right for a mainstream sports car would be a challenge,” he said.

Of more interest to Audi is a fully fledged supercar that leverages technology derived from its successful Le Mans project. Dürheimer said the supercar was progressing to the design stage despite the project yet to receive the production green light.