If you’re wondering what Formula One drivers do for fun on testing days, this video should answer that question. While at the Circuit de Catalunya for pre-season shakedown testing of the new Ferrari F138 Formula One car, Scuderia Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa borrowed a loaner car for a few hot laps.

When you race for Ferrari, that loaner car just happens to be a Ferrari 458 Italia. We’re not sure if this is a hint towards team orders for 2013, but Alonso took the wheel first and hit the Catalunya track on cold tires. That’s evident from the wheel spin leaving the pits, but it’s really clear when Alonso expertly catches the back end at 0:58.

We’re not sure who was driving the lead Ferrari on Alonso’s lap (though it would have been priceless if the car was piloted by Michael Schumacher), but we loved Alonso’s quasi-legal pass at 2:33.

Massa’s lap is no less entertaining, since both drivers seem to have a penchant for tail-out cornering. It’s clear that Alonso is a more nervous passenger than Massa, and some of the Spanish driver’s facial expressions during Massa’s lap are priceless.

If there’s a take-away from this video, we suppose it’s that Formula One drivers can wheel any vehicle at the limit, regardless of whether the tires are up to operating temperature or not.

Given how capable the Ferrari 458 Italia is on track, the pair’s ability to take the car to the limit, immediately after climbing behind the wheel, is impressive indeed.